Monthly Archives: April 2010

Appreciating Vermont

One can’t put a price tag on one’s peace of mind. In the hustle and bustle of 21st century life, one often wants to yell: “Slow Down!” The world moves at a frantic pace. Every second, there’s some new piece of information to process: an image to look at, an email to respond to, the […]

An Announcement and Its Fallout

My last piece centered on exiting a sport. This one will examine how one athlete went away on her terms and how other players will vie to fill the power vacuum created from this departure. It concludes by focusing on the challenges that the women’s game faces in lieu of this development. Last week, the […]

When The Music Fades

How do you tell a sporting legend to take a seat? Great athletes want to end their careers on their own terms. Determination, stubbornness, and sheer force of personality keep them plowing on long after their skills erode. Often times, coaches and team management face a tough business decision. They recognize the aging star now […]

Phil Grabs Another Jacket

  Phil Mickelson captured his third Masters this weekend with heroic play. His last twenty-seven holes provided plenty of thrills and included a series of shots that will define his career. He won with brilliant iron play, great touch around the greens, and with a flair for the dramatic. All in all, Mickelson provided riveting […]

The Huguenots: A Study in Religious Toleration

Emotion clouds judgment. Leaders fail when emotion gets in the way of sound decision making. In early modern Europe, religion was a constant hot button issue. Wars between Catholics and Protestants engulfed the continent and lasted from the time Martin Luther issued his 95 Theses in 1517 until the Treaty of Westphalia brought the Thirty […]

Phil: A Choker?

Back in February, my friend Micah and I had a discussion about whether or not Phil Mickelson choked. That is, did he let majors slip through his grasp?My contention was simple: Phil didn’t choke. Several “disasters” that kept him from claiming these titles occurred on Sunday as he made a frantic charge coming back from […]

In Appreciation of Phil

Phil Mickelson captured his third Masters victory Sunday. I will get to his weekend exploits in a later entry. As for now, here were my thoughts this February shortly after the man called “Lefty” opened his season in lackluster fashion. Steve Stricker replaced Mickelson as the game’s no. 2 ranked player and Lefty continued lackluster […]