Monthly Archives: June 2010

Jindal’s Moment

    America’s eyes have turned to Bobby Jindal. The Louisiana governor has seized the spotlight and commanded attention throughout the 53 day BP oil spill that’s ransacked the Gulf of Mexico. Jindal’s rise coincided with the increasing dissatisfaction Americans have with the federal government’s response to the crisis. Voters blame Washington and BP for […]

Bud’s Blunder

    Desperate times call for decisive leadership. All too often, Major League Baseball’s commissioner Bud Selig has failed to provide it. Hesitation, uncertainty, and conservative behavior have defined his performance. People have begun to laugh at Blundering Bud and shake their heads in disgust and disappointment as the commissioner makes one mistake after another. […]

Junior’s Joy

Ken Griffey Jr. retired this week. He was the best all around baseball player I ever saw. Here is a reflection.     Actions speak louder than words. Ken Griffey Jr., the greatest baseball player of my lifetime, retired earlier this week. This man said little. He was the athlete who let his bat and […]

A Parisian Affair

This weekend, I sat down to watch two of my favorite tennis players square off at Roland Garros. Maria Sharapova and Justine Henin played a great match. The following is a reflection on the two-day affair.       Appearances often deceive—in life and in sports. Sometimes, the smaller person will prevail—i.e. the one often […]