Monthly Archives: July 2010

Re-Appraising The War

On Sunday, the New York Times published its first reports from an archive of 92,000 documents which chronicle the last six years of U.S. military operations in Afghanistan. Last month, Stanley McChrystal resigned as head of U.S. operations in Afghanistan. These two events captured national attention and brought the war back into the American consciousness for […]

Fighting Time

The Democratic majority has come unglued just two years after Barack Obama captured the presidency and four years after the party regained control of Congress. This wasn’t supposed to happen. How did the Democrats get here? The Democrats passed their agenda; polling suggests the electorate has buyers’ remorse. With the mid-term election just three months […]

Loving Mr. Tony

Few things in life give me the pleasure that I receive from listening to “The Tony Kornheiser Show.” Why is that? What makes a local, Washington, D.C. based sports talk show so entertaining? It’s simple: I love to laugh. Mr. Tony brings a smile to my face every day. Whether he talks about the irrelevance […]