Monthly Archives: August 2010

Tea Party Thoughts

My thoughts on the GOP after reading Rick Perlstein’s “Before The Storm.”       The Tea Party has shaken up politics in 2010 in much the same way as the Goldwater Revolution re-oriented the Republican Party in 1964. It is a movement that gets under people’s skin. The mainstream press doesn’t understand its appeal. […]

Chambers’ Triumph

A reflection on “Witness” and the Sam Tanenhaus biography “Whittaker Chambers.”       Whittaker Chambers woke America from its stupor. He shed light on the communist menace during a hearing in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in August 1948. Chambers, a former member of the Communist underground, identified Alger Hiss as […]

The Libertarian Future

Libertarians are the odd ducks in American politics. They have no natural home. Conservatives agree with them on economics. Liberals agree with them on social issues. But where do they belong long term? They have a long standing alliance with conservatives. But after the Bush years, many libertarians wonder if they should continue that partnership. […]