Monthly Archives: June 2011

GOP Divide

President Obama’s foreign policy has divided the Right into two camps: the hawks and the realists. The hawks believe in a muscular foreign policy and continue advancing the Bush freedom agenda. Their leader, John McCain, is a steadfast supporter of Obama’s wars. The realists question the efficacy of the president’s foreign policy and think America […]

Patriotic Grace

We live in serious times. Our country has a number of problems with no easy solutions. Our representatives face a series of tough choices that require bold political leadership: the unemployment rate remains over 9%, the government is running another trillion dollar deficit, our foreign policy is incoherent. The political class appear incapable of handling […]

Rory’s Rout

Golf has a new superstar. Rory McIlroy captured a wire-to-wire- victory at the 111th U.S. Open this weekend at Congressional Country Club. The 22 year old from Northern Ireland put on a virtuoso performance that had observers comparing him to a young Tiger Woods. He finished at -16, eight clear of runner-up Jason Day. His […]

The Russian Revolution

Thoughts after reading Orlando Figes’s A People’s Tragedy: The Russian Revolution 1891-1924.   The Russian Revolution shocked the world and shaped the 20th Century. It ushered in both the first communist and the first totalitarian state. The Bolsheviks triumph dashed the hopes of Russian liberals, who wanted the country to have prudent reform. Instead the […]

William Rusher, RIP

“We exist to make a point, not a profit” William F. Buckley once said about his opinion journal, National Review. The man Buckley entrusted to keep track of the magazine’s finances, Bill Rusher, became the individual most responsible for transforming conservatism from an intellectual movement into a political force. Rusher joined National Review in 1957, […]

The Age of Longing

Faith is the central problem of our age, argued Whittaker Chambers in his autobiography “Witness.” Chambers wrote at the height of the McCarthy era, when the Americans were concerned about the Red Scare and Congress (notably the House Un-American Activities Committee and the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee) actively investigated Soviet espionage. As the Cold War […]