Monthly Archives: August 2011

College Football Kickoff 2011

The college football season is just hours away!!! To celebrate, let’s look back at some clips featuring the game’s best voice, Keith Jackson. Jackson interviews The Bear. Jackson on Bo. Jackson on Desmond Howard. One of his signature games. Twenty years ago. September 1994. The Big House. Hail Mary. Jackson and his partner, Bob Griese, […]

Texas A&M Bolts

  Well it’s official. Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin has sent a letter to the Big XII saying it wants out and will apply to join another conference. If accepted (presumably into the SEC), A&M will officially depart the Big XII on June 30, 2012. This is the end of the Big XII as we’ve known it. […]

Tiger’s New Stripes?

Tiger Woods shocked me yesterday when he announced he will play in the Fall Series Open. This is the first time Woods has shown he’s willing to change his ways. Everyone knows Tiger needs reps. Watch funnyman Michael Collins offer his take on Woods’ announcement.

Tim Groseclose’s Uncommon Knowledge

Recently Tim Groseclose sat down with the Hoover Institution’s Peter Robinson to discuss his new book Left Turn. I encourage you to watch the full interview to see how media bias distorts the American mind.

The Tea Party’s Justice

  Clarence Thomas has emerged as the intellectual leader of the Roberts Court, writes Jeffrey Toobin in the latest New Yorker. Thomas has been the Court’s most conservative member since becoming an associate justice twenty years ago. He has long wanted to overturn New Deal and Great Society reforms. Unlike many conservatives, he seems to […]

Take Note President Obama

Hope and change has turned into misery and despair for black workers under President Barack Obama. Last week California Congresswoman Maxine Waters blasted the president for not doing enough to fix black unemployment, which sits at 16%. Obama’s austerity plan will only exacerbate the problem: 20% of employed blacks work in the public sector. While […]