Paul Berman Recalls 9/11




Paul Berman has spent the last decade explaining the ideas shaping Islamism, the radical political agenda shaping Islamic terrorism today.

This month, he has an extended essay in The New Republic commemorating the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It’s titled: “Do Ideas Matter?” Of course they do. Ideas have consequences, as any good conservative knows.

Read the essay here.

Berman first gained national attention eight years ago with his book Terror and Liberalism, which argues that the War on Terror is a battle against a totalitarian ideology. It chronicles the thought of Sayid Qutb, the philosopher who influenced the Muslim Brotherhood and subsequent Islamists.

His latest work The Flight of the Intellectuals builds upon Terror and Liberalism. It argues that the West must continue vigilantly fighting Islamic fundamentalism and laments the response of many academics and public thinkers, who’ve become disenchanted with the War on Terror since President Bush invaded Iraq in 2003.

The Flight of the Intellectuals centers on Islamist scholar Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss born Islamist academic who teaches at Oxford University. Here’s a q-and-a Berman conducted with reporter Michael J. Totten last year.


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