Cowboys Choke in Season Opener

The Dallas Cowboys sure give their fans heartache. They blew it Sunday night at the Meadowlands in their 27-24 loss to the Jets.

Tony Romo fumbled near the Jets goal-line early in the fourth quarter. A Matt McBriar punt was blocked and returned for a Jets touchdown. Romo threw an inexplicable interception in the game’s final minutes. Former Cowboy kicker Nick Folk nailed a 50 yarder to secure the Jets victory.

To paraphrase Dennis Green: the Cowboys are who we thought they were. The team is deeply flawed, prone to stupid mistakes. Romo made his share. The O-Line offered little protection. A depleted secondary contributed as well. The special teams looked like last year’s Chargers.

This is as painful as last year’s opener in Washington, where a holding call negated a last second winning touchdown pass. The season went downhill from there. Romo got hurt. Wade got sacked. A 6-10 season resulted.

I hope history doesn’t repeat itself. There are plenty of warning signs, though. The O-Line has plenty of question marks. Romo, like his boyhood hero Brett Favre, is hit-or miss. The defense looked better than expected, though that secondary still stinks.

Coach Jason Garrett must whip his ‘Boys into shape for next week’s matchup out in San Francisco. An 0-2 start will whip up panic for America’s Team.



  1. Romo is the most talented choke artist in the history of the NFL. He can not take the pressure. This is obvious to his owners, his coach, his team and the fans. He is need of psychotherapy. Without intervention, he will only continue to fold when the going gets tough.

    1. I’m afraid you’re right.

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