Darkness at Noon

The Arab Spring has turned into a boiling hot summer.

This is horrible for Israel, whose relationship with Egypt is in tatters. Since Mubarak fell, anti-Israel sentiment is rife throughout the country.

The Egyptian government has played to this emotion. It brokered a unity pact between Hamas and Fatah in April. It has sought rapprochement with Iran. It opened the Rafah border to Gaza in May, ending Hamas’s four year isolation from the international community.

These actions only emboldened the situation. This weekend showed how zealous anti-Israel emotion remains in Cairo. Protesters stormed the Israeli embassy over the weekend. Some 3,000 Egyptians damaged the property, according to the Israeli foreign minister’s office

The Israeli ambassador has left the country. The Egyptian government declared a state of alert and launched an emergency session.

These are dark days for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He condemned the attacks, imploring Egyptian moderates to maintain the axis of peace that has existed between the countries since signing the Camp David Accords in September 1978.

The timing of this attack couldn’t be worse for Israel, whose relationship with longtime “ally” Turkey has blown up since the Gaza flotilla incident last year.

Since then, Turkey’s prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has expelled the Israeli ambassador from Ankara and publicly said he plans to increase his naval presence in the eastern Mediterranean.

These are dark days indeed, for Israel and for those who support the Jewish state.


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