Democrats Panic

The Ragin’ Cajun is scared.

James Carville, the Democratic strategist who helped Bill Clinton win the White House, says the Obama administration must make radical changes after Democrats were defeated in two special elections on Tuesday. A Republican won in Queens and Brooklyn, for goodness sakes.

Here’s Carville’s message:

Shake things up at the White House. Fire some staff and cabinet members.

Embrace the populist mood which has spread throughout the country since the 2008 financial collapse. Stand up for Main Street against corporate malfeasance. Put Wall Street on alert. Issue indictments-fast and furious.

Double down on the jobs plan: Point to the success of the stimulus (the recession ended after its passage and GDP growth has continued for two years) and the bad economic news that’s come since Republicans promoted austerity when they assumed office in January.

Act like a Democrat. Fight for what you believe in. Pressure Senate Democrats who are enticed by Republican rhetoric. Give ’em hell, Barack.


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