Monthly Archives: October 2011

Sergio’s Renaissance

Sergio Garcia has returned from golfing oblivion. He has won the last two events (in subsequent weeks) in his native Spain. Last week he conquered the European Tour field at his hometown Castello Masters in Tigeresque fashion. He triumphed by eleven shots. This week was more subdued; he won the Andalucia Valderrama Masters by a […]

The ‘Boys Primetime Embarrassment

The Eagles torched the ‘Boys last night on national television. Dallas didn’t bother to show up for this rivalry game as their arch-nemesis scored at will. Mike Vick tore apart the ‘Boys secondary. LeSean McCoy ran in, around and through the Dallas front seven. It looked like Pro Bowlers versus Pee Wee pups. The Philly defense played […]

Mike Ditka’s Football Life

            This week, NFL Network aired its latest installment of “A Football Life,” which chronicled the career of Mike Ditka. Most people under 30 know Ditka as an opinionated ESPN football analyst. Young Midwesterners know him as “Da Coach” who led the 1985 Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl. This […]

Pat Toomey Explains Supply-Side Economics

Pat Toomey, the junior senator from Pennsylvania, gave a wonderful description of supply-side economics recently on “Morning Joe.” He did so following a question by contributor Mike Barnicle, who brought up unemployment (around the six minute mark) and suggested a lack of demand was contributing to the sluggish economy. Small businesses had fewer consumers because […]

Can The Tea Party Tackle Richard Lugar?

Can the Tea Party knock off another incumbent Republican senator? That is the storyline playing out in Indiana, where six term Senator Richard (Dick) Lugar is in a primary battle with state treasurer Richard Mourdock. The Tea Party played a pivotal role in the 2010 Republican primary season. Its support helped Pat Toomey win the […]

Jon Huntsman’s Impressive Fox News Appearance

The “Special Report” video is not yet available on Youtube. I hyper-linked the three segments in the first paragraph of this piece. Jon Huntsman appeared on Fox News “Special Report” Wednesday night and delivered a Q-and-A  performance that reminded me of why the media swooned over his presidential announcement. Huntsman, if nothing else, is one […]

What Should The Right Conserve?

Pat Buchanan’s latest column focuses on Russell Kirk, one of the leading figures in conservative intellectual thought. Kirk was a traditionalist who wanted the Right to conserve the best in the Western tradition. Much of that thinking has gone by the wayside in recent years, leading to Buchanan’s jeremiad. Buchanan concludes by asking what Americans […]