Herman Cain’s Appeal

Conservatives love Herman Cain. The businessman has caught fire in the GOP presidential field. What’s behind the appeal of this non-politician?

Cain is a great communicator. Before his presidential run, Cain was a conservative talk show host. Those skill have translated onto the campaign trail. He keeps his message simple. Right now, folks know all about his 9-9-9 proposal which calls for a 9% personal income tax rate, a 9% sales tax, and a 9% corporate tax.

Voters love his health care story: Cain famously stood up to Bill Clinton during the 1993-1994 health care debate and, in recent years, survived a bout with cancer. He’s said the treatment he received would not be available under Obamacare. The grass roots ate it up.

He has a populist message. He doesn’t talk like a politician, Federal Reserve member or a former CEO. He uses simple language people understand. His proposals make sense and are memorable. Unlike many Republicans, he doesn’t come off as bitter or angry. He is a happy warrior who thinks an American renaissance will only begin when government gets off the peoples’ back.

Then there’s race. In this way, conservatives are no different than liberals were four years ago. They want to vote for an appealing African-American candidate. Cain’s skin color makes a difference-for the better- among GOP primary voters.


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