Tiger’s Latest Comeback


Tiger Woods returns to action this week at the Frys.com Open in Northern California. This makes, oh, about 50 returns back to professional golf for Woods in the past few years. As John Feinstein put it Wednesday: “this guy has more comebacks than Sugar Ray Leonard, Brett Favre and Richard Nixon combined.”

Everyone has a prediction on how Woods will play and where he’ll finish. No one has any idea, by the way, but it’s a fun thing to contemplate. Those bearish point to his most recent performance, where Woods was spraying balls left and right at the PGA Championship. Bullish observers point to his dynamic play in April at Augusta.

That said, based on his demeanor in shots Golf Channel showed Wednesday, Woods looked relaxed and ready to contend. He shot a 62 last week at Medalist in South Florida. This is a weak field and a course that’s generous off the tee. That should help the errant Woods considerably.

I think we’ll see Woods drive the ball better this week. His swing will look good—an aesthetically pleasing move is a trademark of Sean Foley’s pupils. A balky putter will cost him the win. Woods finishes T4.


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