Democrats Still Want to Immanentize the Eschaton

My what a week’s it’s been in domestic politics; let’s review.

President Obama wrapped up his campaign bus tour through Virginia and North Carolina, failing to convince Americans that his jobs plan would turn the economy around and get Americans back to work.

Vice President Biden created a stir in Flint, Michingan, when he asserted that Republicans’ objection to the jobs plan would cause more murder and rape across America. He said blocking this legislation would prevent states and municipalities from keeping essential public safety personnel on the job.

Biden is certainly following in the tradition of his boss: once again, the executive branch has established a ridiculous straw man argument that alienates independents. Biden later doubled-down on this position in a one-on-one encounter with Human Events.

Senate gridlock over the jobs bill continued; neither Republican nor Democratic alternatives could get through the upper chamber late Thursday night.

The media continue to regurgitate the White House position on the jobs bill; the headline of the previous link says it all: Obama’s Jobs Plan Is Blocked Again by Senate Republicans. I guess the Times forgot that Democrats control that body.

The president has framed next year’s campaign. It’s Republicans who are keeping Washington from fixing the economy. Elect me and other Democrats and we’ll immanentize the eschaton.

 The hubris of politicians never ceases to amaze. It’s as if Washington believes it can push a button and make things better. The Left, and those who hold the unconstrained vision, think they have power to create heaven on earth.

Sentient Americans will know this message is nonsense. The previous stimulus didn’t work, even by the administration’s own measuring stick. It did, however, add another trillion to our national debt. Anyone who has paid attention to European austerity riots know what’s in store if the United States doesn’t get its fiscal house in order.


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