The ‘Boys Primetime Embarrassment

The Eagles torched the ‘Boys last night on national television. Dallas didn’t bother to show up for this rivalry game as their arch-nemesis scored at will. Mike Vick tore apart the ‘Boys secondary. LeSean McCoy ran in, around and through the Dallas front seven. It looked like Pro Bowlers versus Pee Wee pups.

The Philly defense played just as valiantly as their offensive counterparts. They tossed Tony Romo around all night, sacking him four times. Romo ran for his life for much of the evening. He was hit frequently, which led to a dispiriting performance. Once again the star quarterback came up empty in a big moment.

Big play receivers Miles Austin or Dez Bryant proved inconsequential. They never got on the same page with their quarterback. More often than not, Romo checked down to Jason Witten or found number three receiver Laurent Robinson.

Philadelphia ran away with this one. The  34-7 final score did not begin to tell the whole story: The Eagles dominated every facet of the game; they established themselves as the team to beat in the NFC East, and regained some of the pre-season moxie which had outsiders calling them a Super Bowl favorite.

Dallas fell to 3-4 on the season. They have plenty of work to do if they hope to earn a post-season birth in 2011. Their line needs to protect Romo, their secondary needs to cover better and their stars need to step up against the league’s elite. Otherwise, it will be another lost season for Jerry’s ‘Boys.


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