Occupy Wall Street Loses The Harvard Crimson

When you’ve lost the Crimson, you’ve lost America. So said Wall Street Journal opinion editor Paul Gigot on the latest “Journal Editorial Report.”

Gigot’s colleague, Bill McGurn brought up the Harvard undergraduate walkout of an introductory economics course-Econ 10- on the hits and misses of the week segment. He cited this November 3rd editorial as a sign that even the Crimson editorial staff was fed up with the antics of these left-wing students.

The students were protesting the bias Econ 10 and asserted this bias “contributed to and symbolizes the increasing economic inequality in America.” Econ 10, coincidentally, is taught former George W. Bush administration official, Greg Mankiw, a tenured professor at Harvard. Ironically, the boycotted lecture would have focused on inequality between top income earners and average workers.

The OWS movement, as the Crimson points out, remains unfocused and undisciplined. Increasingly their rhetoric is nihilistic: No set of policy proposals have come out of this leaderless movement. Instead, the movement has complained about “the rich” and high levels of college debt.

Protestors’ actions, meanwhile, have turned violent. Police have arrested hundreds of protesters around the country and anarchy has broken out inOakland. Municipalities have spent millions in police overtime, something no local government can afford to do in tough economic times.

These developments have irked Middle America. Its acolytes have appalled the Crimson.

The Left never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. OWS started out with great promise and many hoped they’d focus the nation’s attention on growing inequality and develop proposals to rectify the situation. Instead, they’ve shown themselves to be fundamentally unserious and incapable of reforming the system.


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