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The Backlash Against Jeff Pearlman

Why do we throw reason to the wind when it comes to our sports icons? I ask because Jeff Pearlman has come under fire for his comprehensive biography of Walter Payton, Sweetness: the Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton, in which the Sports Illustrated writer chronicles the complexity of the Chicago Bears’ great running back. The […]

Gary Taubes’ Low Carb Approach

Thank you Gary Taubes. Taubes, a health and nutrition journalist and author, is a low-carb enthusiast. His writing challenges conventional medical wisdom and provides a heterodox view of combating obesity. Taubes’ work is essentially a stamp of approval for the Atkins diet. He blasts the low-fat fad that’s permeated American health since World War II. This […]

Man of the House

Thoughts after reading John A. Farrell’s Tip O’Neill and the Democratic Century They don’t make politicians like Tip O’Neill anymore. John Farrell brings the big character to life in this fascinating biography. O’Neill was the face of the Democratic Party during the 1980s. A New Dealer all his life, he helped preserve the social safety […]

Paul Berman Recalls 9/11

      Paul Berman has spent the last decade explaining the ideas shaping Islamism, the radical political agenda shaping Islamic terrorism today. This month, he has an extended essay in The New Republic commemorating the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It’s titled: “Do Ideas Matter?” Of course they do. Ideas have consequences, as any good conservative […]

Sidney Hook’s Warning

Thoughts reading Sidney’ Hook’s autobiography Out of Step: An Unquiet Life in the 20th Century. Sidney Hook chronicles his intellectual journey in his memoir. Hook (1902-1989) was an academic, a philosopher and a public intellectual. He flirted with Marxism in his early years and was a social democrat throughout much of his professional career. Unlike […]

Things Fall Apart

The past month has been the nadir of the Obama administration. The U.S.lost its AAA credit rating; American forces suffered their worst day in Afghanistan; and President Obama was forced to sign a debt deal that included no tax increases on the rich. The president’s poll numbers went below 40%. Only 26% support his handling […]

Patriotic Grace

We live in serious times. Our country has a number of problems with no easy solutions. Our representatives face a series of tough choices that require bold political leadership: the unemployment rate remains over 9%, the government is running another trillion dollar deficit, our foreign policy is incoherent. The political class appear incapable of handling […]