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The Globe’s Demographic Winter

  This week the world’s population hit the 7 billion mark. Many greeted the news with trepidation.  Do we have enough resources to support this growing population?  Can the earth handle this carbon imprint. I don’t see it this way at all. I’m not concerned about too many people on earth. I’m worried there soon won’t be […]

Will Occupy Wall Street Notice Jon Corzine’s Demise?

Jon Corzine should be the bête noire of the Occupy Wall Street protests. He served as CEO of Goldman Sachs during the 1990s and used this cache (his enormous wealth and Wall Street connections) to win political office and shape public policy for a decade. After leaving office, he returned to Wall Street and picked […]

The Fall of Nicolae Ceausescu

This week, the Libyan civil war ended abruptly when rebels shot and killed Moammar Qaddafi, who had controlled the North African country since 1969.  The chaos in Sirte reminded me of the tumult that marked the fall of communism in Romania. Most of Eastern Europe transitioned from communism peacefully. Solidarity ended communist rule in Poland […]

Bashar Al-Assad’s Alawi Vanguard

The New Republic published a fascinating piece last week. I read it over the weekend and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to understand the Arab Spring, the Syrian regime and Middle East turbulence. Theo Padnos chronicles Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian police state on The New Republic‘s website. It is an enlightening read that explains why Syria’s […]

CIA Drone Kills Anwar al-Awlaki

This morning, a CIA drone killed Anwar al-Awlaki- a U.S. born Al-Qaeda operative- in Yemen. The Times reports the strike was two years in the making, and details the past American efforts to take him out. President Obama addressed the situation midday, applauding the blow to al-Qaeda and calling Mr. Awlaki the terror organization’s “leader of external operations…in […]

Shane Bauer’s Shameful Press Conference

It’s not easy to criticize Shane Bauer, one of the U.S. hikers released from an Iranian prison last week. Bauer spent over two years incarcerated in Tehran’s Evin prison, detained for “illegal entry” into the country while he was hiking along the unmarked Iraqi/Iranian border during July 2009. Washington has worked tirelessly in the interim […]

Arab Spring Produces Strange Syrian Bedfellows

Syrian Christians have rallied around dictator Bashar al-Assad. Why? You might ask. They don’t want to get slaughtered in the aftermath of Assad’s fall. Christians are looking out for themselves: They’ve seen the Muslim on Christian violence that’s spread throughout the region over the last year. A New York Times headline says it all: Fearing Change, Many Christians […]