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Pat Toomey Explains Supply-Side Economics

Pat Toomey, the junior senator from Pennsylvania, gave a wonderful description of supply-side economics recently on “Morning Joe.” He did so following a question by contributor Mike Barnicle, who brought up unemployment (around the six minute mark) and suggested a lack of demand was contributing to the sluggish economy. Small businesses had fewer consumers because […]

Jon Huntsman’s Impressive Fox News Appearance

The “Special Report” video is not yet available on Youtube. I hyper-linked the three segments in the first paragraph of this piece. Jon Huntsman appeared on Fox News “Special Report” Wednesday night and delivered a Q-and-A  performance that reminded me of why the media swooned over his presidential announcement. Huntsman, if nothing else, is one […]

U.S. Surgeon General’s Weight Problem

  Yesterday I wrote about Chris Christie’s weight problem. Shortly thereafter, I turned on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” where host Joe Scarborough highlighted the obesity of Surgeon General Regina Benjamin. Like most Americans, I had no idea who the surgeon general was. Apparently her weight became an issue shortly after President Obama nominated her for the […]

The King Turns 82

Arnold Palmer turned 82 today. Without question, he is the most important golfer who ever lived. He was the game’s biggest star during the early days of television. His 1960 season put him in the pantheon of American sportsmen and changed golf forever. He won his second green jacket in Augusta that April. Two months […]

ESPN Renews Monday Night Football Contract

ESPN will continue broadcasting Monday Night Football through 2021. The Mothership ponied up an estimated $15.5 billion over eight years (its current deal runs through 2013), or $1.95 billion per season. NFL contract rights are the most valuable in sports. Arguably, they launched and legitimized FOX during the 1990s. But I think ESPN vastly over-paid […]

Golf’s Top Beauty

Golf Magazine has named Golf Channel’s Win McMurry the game’s number one beauty. Last night on “The Grey Goose 19th Hole,” host Todd Lewis highlighted this during the final minute of the show. Here’s Win providing updates for

Al Sharpton’s New Show

Harvard Law Professor Randall Kennedy’s piece today in The New Republic details the rise and rebranding of Al Sharpton during the age of Obama. In it, Kennedy recounts Sharpton’s shady past as a civil rights activist. National Review’s Jay Nordlinger chronicled much of this territory in a famous March 2000 essay. The Rev. has remained […]