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Happy Birthday Beano

College Football historian Beano Cook turned 80 yesterday. He is as sharp as ever. He has a monthly blog. He does a weekly podcast with Ivan Maisel. And he, along with Lou Holtz, remains the biggest Notre Dame homer at the Mothership. Back in the 1990s, Beano had some zingers about the Irish. He thought then […]

Bruce Feldman Leaves ESPN

Bruce Feldman has left the Mothership. The college football reporter spent the last 17 years working for ESPN. He’s become one of the best in the business, always full of juicy details on the inner-workings of the college game. He’s written a couple fantastic books during that time. ‘Cane Mutiny details the bad-boy Miami Hurricane […]

Tim Groseclose’s Uncommon Knowledge

Recently Tim Groseclose sat down with the Hoover Institution’s Peter Robinson to discuss his new book Left Turn. I encourage you to watch the full interview to see how media bias distorts the American mind.

Betrayed Principles

A reflection on the final season of my favorite televison series, 24. This piece centers on the actions of President Allison Taylor. The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions. The actions of President Allison Taylor, during the final season of the Fox drama 24, demonstrated this axiom. Taylor sacrificed her lofty […]