With the economy anemically plodding along, political gridlock has hit Washington. President Obama insists that the key to job creation and economic growth is another round of stimulus. That’s a political non-starter for the House Republicans who believe that lowering taxes and reducing federal spending is necessary for the private sector to pick up again. […]

When you’ve lost the Crimson, you’ve lost America. So said Wall Street Journal opinion editor Paul Gigot on the latest “Journal Editorial Report.” Gigot’s colleague, Bill McGurn brought up the Harvard undergraduate walkout of an introductory economics course-Econ 10- on the hits and misses of the week segment. He cited this November 3rd editorial as […]

The Obama administration has spent its time pursuing a Keynesian solution to fix the ailing American economy. Day after day, the administration has lamented the absence of demand in the economy. Boosting demand will rapidly grow the economy, they insist. As readers know, I reject this argument. Keynesianism has been tried again and again. It […]

  This week the world’s population hit the 7 billion mark. Many greeted the news with trepidation.  Do we have enough resources to support this growing population?  Can the earth handle this carbon imprint. I don’t see it this way at all. I’m not concerned about too many people on earth. I’m worried there soon won’t be […]

    Margaret Thatcher delivered the Bruges address in 1988, warning about the threat a European super-state posed to the continent’s nation states. Each member would cede sovereignty if they wanted to make European integration a reality, Thatcher claimed. The second video is an House of Commons q&a Prime Minister Thatcher gave just weeks before […]

Why do we throw reason to the wind when it comes to our sports icons? I ask because Jeff Pearlman has come under fire for his comprehensive biography of Walter Payton, Sweetness: the Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton, in which the Sports Illustrated writer chronicles the complexity of the Chicago Bears’ great running back. The […]

Jon Corzine should be the bête noire of the Occupy Wall Street protests. He served as CEO of Goldman Sachs during the 1990s and used this cache (his enormous wealth and Wall Street connections) to win political office and shape public policy for a decade. After leaving office, he returned to Wall Street and picked […]